LabAvo Brand Story

"Creating an aesthetic space for deep breathing" is the brand vision that LabAvo hopes to achieve.

The founder David worked in a printing factory in the early days. He felt that the shoe factory was prone to mold in storage and transportation. Boxes of shoes were moldy when they were shipped. The factory could only accept compensation but did not know how to improve it. David returned to Taiwan to found LabAvo's parent company-Yukemei YCM, dedicated to the research and development of plant essential oils, and determined to fundamentally solve the problem of mildew prevention for the factory.

Since its establishment 10 years ago, YCM has protected more than 100 million pairs of shoes from the risk of mold. The anti-mold products and technologies are trusted by world-class brands such as Zara, Nike, and Puma. In the process of researching mold, YCM found that our lives are full of various Microorganisms not only affect the places we cannot see, but also affect our physical health.

Therefore, David expects to infuse exclusive anti-mildew and antibacterial technologies into daily necessities that people can touch to solve the problem of various microorganisms in our living space, and decides to create a life brand that combines functionality and five senses experience— "LabAvo".

Avocado, the well-known avocado, also known as "happy fruit", takes up to five years from planting to harvesting, and is deeply affected by climatic conditions (such as natural disasters), environmental factors and cultivation management, and undergoes strict cultivation. In the process, you can harvest rich fruits.

LabAvo has also spent five years establishing a professional microbiology laboratory , which contains more than 200,000 AI databases of different molds. Through powerful AI data integration, it analyzes and eliminates all indoor hidden environmental problems, so as to have both Functional and design-oriented products start to improve from small storage spaces, and gradually optimize the air composition of indoor spaces, creating a comfortable and happy space for the most important thing of "breathing", and achieving a life aesthetic experience with both quality and texture .

LabAvo's parent company - YCM has established its own microbiology laboratory since 2011, and has obtained the first level of biosafety certification. In the past 10 years, it has produced more than 1 billion anti-mildew stickers, and cooperated with world-class famous brands such as Nike and Zara to successfully establish anti-mildew strategies and anti-mildew education and training for its suppliers, and carried out risk assessment of mildew to completely solve the problems of warehousing and transportation. Mold problem.

YCM won the "Taiwan Innovation No. 1 Brand Award" and "Taiwan High Quality Product Gold Award" in 2018, and established the LabAvo brand in 2021 to continue its spirit and service, promote mildew prevention knowledge into daily life, and contribute to the environment Make a contribution to the sustainable development of ecology.